Straits Area Audubon Society

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Night Snowshoe/Ski

Saturday, March 2

On March 2 at 6:30 join us for a night time ski or snowshoe. Meet at the state park parking lot. A park permit is needed on your car. Every year Cheboygan State Park hosts this fun event. The trail is beautiful as it is lit by many lanterns.  A cozy warm cabin awaits for a chance to visit and warm up before finishing the loop back to the parking lot.

UMBS Snowshoe

Friday, March 15

Snowshoe and lunch at the University of Michigan Biological Station. Meet at the Maintenance Garage parking area at 10:30 March 15, 2019 . Pack a lunch.  We very much appreciate the folks at the Biological Station as they have made the lounge of the dorm available so we can have a place to visit and eat indoors .  If you have any questions about this event call Jean Moberly 231 268 9726. Hope to see you there!

Eagle days at the Mackinac Straits Raptor Watch

     Mid March can be an exciting time for viewing raptors at the hawk watch site in Mackinaw City. If it is eagles you seek, data from previous years suggests visiting sometime between March 10 and March 24 for peak numbers. Looking at where all data is collected, the three highest single day counts for Golden Eagles (85,70,and 63) were all in this time period.  Bald Eagle’s  had high count days( 58 and 50 ) in mid March as well. Other early season migrants include Red-tailed Hawks and Red-shouldered Hawks.

     Interestingly, these early eagle migrants are almost all adult birds, with the immature eagles coming in April. The adult Golden Eagles are in a hurry to reach breeding grounds in northern  Ontario, Quebec, and Labrador while non breeding immature birds seemingly lollygag their way north.

     There is always an open invitation to visit the hawk watch site and a visit in the brisk days of mid March may reward the hawk watcher with the sight of majestic eagles powering their way north.  So pick a sunny day, dress warm, and enjoy the raptor show in March when it is quality, not quantity.