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Grouse and Woodcock in Northern Michigan

Sounds of spring in northern Michigan forest and field sometimes include the sound of ruffed grouse drumming and American Woodcock’s buzzing and whistling courting behavior.  Both species rely on early successional or young forest habitat throughout the year which is created through various means of disturbance.  

The Straits Area Audubon Society program will explore the biology of ruffed grouse and American woodcock and habitat needs critical to their survival, as well as ways in which the Ruffed Grouse Society manages for these species in Michigan.  The presentation will be presented by Heather Shaw, Wildlife Biologist with the Ruffed Grouse Society.  The public is welcome to enjoy this presentation and light snacks at the SAAS meeting in the Cheboygan Public Library on May 8th at 6:00 pm

Heather Shaw, Wildlife

Biologist, Ruffed Grouse Society

Photo: Heather Shaw and Llewellin setter, Chip


2018-2019 Program Schedule

May 8 “Young Forest Habitat and its Creatures” by Heather Shaw, Wildlife

Biologist, Ruffed Grouse Society

June 12 Hike and Summer Potluck

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